Network Protocol Stack Expert - #28641586


Дата: 20.04.21 0:20

Город: Москва, Москва

Сфера деятельности: Образование и наука

Зарплата: договорная

Тип работы: Постоянная работа

График работы: Полный рабочий день

Network Protocol Stack Expert We are seeking strong candidates for permanent research positions in the area of Network Protocol Stack and forward for embedded systems. Background The Datacom business unit is responsible for delivering top class networking hardware. Currently, the traditional Linux protocol stack limits the performance improvement of network protocols, and also limits the complexity of network protocols. It becomes more and more difficult to implement the high-performance network protocol on the traditional Linux protocol stack. We now want to build the next generation network protocol stack based on the Harmony OS for the network device. It aims to support various network protocols for single and distribute system with high-performance by algorithm & hardware acceleration technology, which will be commercially available on IoT and other network devices. It will greatly improve developing experience for network programming, and all IoT & network device programmers on the Harmony OS ecosystem will use our network protocol stack to build their own product. About the project The research will aim to develop a high-performance next-generation protocol stack and forward on Harmony OS for embedded systems. The project has just started, we will set up a new team in Moscow. Through our challenging works in high performance protocol stack, you will get an opportunity to redefine the next-generation protocol stack to strengthen our Harmony ecosystem, make it popular and change the world. Challenges:
Research algorithms and software technologies in the field of protocol stack, Congestion, sliding window, Adaptive mode switching and so on; Develop fast and lightweight socket; Investigate acceleration engine for network protocol; Provide extreme low latency when process network packet under virtualization environment
Experience in research/design or optimizing network protocol stack (like TCP/IP); Knowledge of Unix/Linux environments; Familiarity with Linux kernel internals; Master's degree or equivalent practical experience; Strong knowledge of C/C++; Intermediate English; Contribution to open source projects is a plus

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